Retired subscriptions

By Victoria D  01/19/2021

We wanted to keep you informed about some changes with ThemeHouse products. We like to build new products and services that are useful, but with that comes the retirement of some things as well.

We are retiring some subscriptions on ThemeHouse including:

  • XenForo Upsurge
  • WordPress Upsurge
  • Handyplan
  • MyBB Upsurge
  • MyBB Theme Plan

Don't worry! At this time, current subscribers can stay on the subscription they are on until they cancel. The XF1 Essential Suite and XF2 Essential Suite subscriptions are still available.

We will continue to offer hosting and site management services, but more customized to each community.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss hosting, site management, or community management tailored for your platform, please contact us here.

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