The Launch of UI.X 2

By Mike Creuzer  11/28/2017

Today we release UI.X 2, our theme framework for Xenforo 2.

The Release of UI.X2

Our team is very excited to announce the arrival of UI.X 2. UI.X 2 is a classic, customizeable theme framework built for XenForo 2. Based off of the tried true methodologies of its XenForo 1 predecessor, UI.X continues to push the boundaries of intelligent, performant, perfected design. Modern tools that increase user interactions, familiar user interface based on Google’s ever popular Material design, and the backing of a team well-versed in the XenForo software make UI.X a wise choice for any forum. ThemeHouse has been building products for XenForo since day one of the software’s release and we aren’t going anywhere.

An Easier Customization Experience

UI.X 2 was built for every level of experience - providing a flexible and unique forum experience with just a few clicks.

  • Customizable Theme Framework
  • Create a Theme in Seconds
  • Material Design Standard
  • 400+ Custom Style Properties
  • Seamless XenForo Integration
Coming From XenForo 1?

As a thank you to all those who have stuck by UI.X, those with an active license receive 50% off when upgrading to UI.X2. Just use coupon code UpgradeUIX. If you have ever purchased a UI.X product, we have a 20% even if its inactive, just use coupon code UpgradeUIX20.

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