UI.X Pro vs UI.X: What’s the difference?

By Victoria D  04/29/2019

ThemeHouse offers a lot of great products and resources for enhancing your forum community. Two of the larger products are UI.X and UI.X Pro, but what’s the difference?

The short answer:

  • UI.X is a framework and for hands-on customization.
  • UI.X Pro is for an already solved, all-in-one ideal user experience.

We'll explain the difference further.


UI.X is one of our flagship and most recognizable products. Originally created for XenForo 1, we took a look at our previous experiences to make definitive improvements and optimizations for XenForo 2. It is an extremely advanced theme framework based on optimizing and modernizing the look of your forum, with enough power and flexibility to offer any number of customization options at the click of a button.

UI.X is focused on an intuitive, user-centric experience that creates a powerful, yet simple theme for the basis of any forum, large or small. It puts the administrator or forum team in the driver’s seat for choosing how to design and setup the look and feel and various user frontend features. UI.X is fully supported through regular maintenance and ticket based support to help ensure your board is always up-to-date. Whether you're looking for a basic board or a fully customized theme, the UI.X framework can be used as a base to create the forum of your dreams.

See what UI.X can do! Take a look here.

UI.X Pro

Our team has been in the forum business for over 10 years, and in that time, we’ve noticed trends in terms of things that work and things that don’t. We decided to take this knowledge and apply it to a product, making the optimal experience accessible to anyone. In short: UI.X Pro is the ideal forum experience - created with the knowledge gained from working with clients across a wide spectrum of industries and community sizes for a decade. Instead of a theme or front-end framework, like the UI.X core is, UI.X Pro is a very specific and intentional experience.

UI.X Pro objectively offers our take on the best possible forum experience from the start with very little setup required. Continue enhancing your forum to make it the best it can be with the built-in report.

What does UI.X Pro do?

  • Increases community interaction
  • Offers a high quality user experience
  • Increases earning potential

Neat! How does it do that?

UI.X Pro includes UI.X, our robust, highly customizable theme framework. It comes optimized out of the box with included add-ons and ideal configurations. A professional will also help customize the site by adding the colors, logo, and imagery you provide up to 30 minutes of labor.

For more information about UI.X Pro, see the product information here.

Looking for a more in-depth customization with UI.X Pro?

Upgraded Customization Packages are available as well. Here are examples of projects we've worked on with clients to customize UI.X Pro:

So which should you get?

With UI.X Pro the included themes are already ideally configured based on our experience. While the UI.X framework can be customized in a large variety of ways, we configured the themes included with the setup that we consider ideal for most communities. The report tool included in UI.X Pro provides you with suggestions for improvement and a score for your board, so you can easily identify ways to enhance your forum. The add-ons that are included were chosen because after 10 years of experience in forums, we know the tools needed to help make a great site. All of this comes with the added benefit of installation and a basic customization by one of our developers.

In short, if you want power in your hands, start with the UI.X theme framework and add parts as needed. But if you want help choosing, to use the latest trends, an ideal experience, optimal setup, etc. we have created UI.X Pro to help make some of the decisions for you.

Still have questions about UI.X or UI.X Pro?

Check out our demos for UI.X and UI.X Pro, make your own demo, or send us a ticket if you have questions!

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