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By Jessica Peterson  05/07/2019

You know that feeling when your waiter is bringing out your food to your table? That giddy/overjoyed/ecstatic feeling that just can’t be replaced? That’s how we feel when we see our products being used on boards across the web.

This week, we thought we’d show off some of our favorite boards using XPress, our bridge for XenForo and WordPress.

Student Doctor Network

Okay, okay. We’ve posted about them pretty frequently lately. Can you blame us? This was such a fun project.

Student Doctor Network is a non-profit organization helping medical students become doctors by providing an active community, articles, and other resources. XPress was just a minor part of this awesome project. SDN also uses XWiki, our bridge between XenForo and MediaWiki that also uses XLink.

Our team worked to bring Student Doctor Network to the next level, optimizing the structure for a better user experience, complete UI/UX design, custom illustrations, creation of a dark theme, and more. You can learn more about what we created with Student Doctor Network in their case study here.


CryptoWiki started fresh - with a new site focused on cryptocurrency. They opted for a full design stage with logo creation, XWiki - to synchronize XenForo and MediaWiki though XLink, XPress, and UI.X Pro.


Pedelecs is the community to discuss, share advice, and compare electric bicycles. Pedelecs has been a long-standing client and we moved to integrate XPress with their new design in 2018. We used XPress with UI.X Pro and created a theme filled with flat, vibrant colors.


When working to refresh SavvyAuthors' brand and site - we also made sure to configure XPress for their team. SavvyAuthors pairs instructors, presenters, and educators with writers at all levels to help inspire and expand their craft.

Inside Texas

Inside Texas hasn’t quite launched yet, but here’s a sneak preview! Inside Texas is focused on Longhorn sports news. Their team reached out to update and modernize the look of their site and forum. We paired UI.X Pro with XPress and added an additional design stage to help create a beautiful user experience for their community.


CanonRumors is the #1 resource for all things Canon Imaging offering not only an active community of professional and hobbyist photographers, but also a robust library of relevant articles and reviews.

CanonRumors is a great example to place in here, because while they may not be using the theme that comes with XPress, they make great use of the additional functionality that comes with XPress - such as single sign-on, threads for comments on articles, and much more.

Ok, We can’t list them all…

But here's some other boards we were thrilled to see XPress being put to good use.

Sites you see here: Nineteen84, American Adventurist, Pop!_Planet, World Defense, Firefighter Jobs, Apocalypse Studios, Nebraska's Cable Installer Union, Life Over Sixty, and NY Angler.

Why did we create XPress?

Keeping two different software systems consistent is HARD WORK. Making your changes in multiple places overcomplicates your workflow and ends up costing you more. Not to mention you’re stuck managing two comment systems, two user accounts, two staff, and two supergroup permissions.

To simplify that whole last paragraph, oy vey.

XenForo is regarded as one of the most easily customizable and powerful forum platforms on the market. And WordPress powers roughly 1 in 5 websites on the internet. Pairing them together only made sense.

We created XLink to work with XPress to make managing your platforms simpler than ever. It smoothly integrates XenForo and WordPress to create a fluid user experience and synchronize information between XenForo and WordPress.

Additionally, XPress is packed with administrator, article/thread, user, and user management features, such as:

  • Compatibility with any XenForo theme
  • Premium content and advertisement sharing between XenForo and WordPress
  • Promotion of WordPress articles to threads and vice versa
  • Native XenForo thread experiences through comments on articles
  • Single sign on for users
  • Unified search to search through WordPress and XenForo
  • Synchronization of WordPress and XenForo user roles through XLink
  • & even more...

Using XPress on your site? We wanna see 👀 Drop your website in the comments below!

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