Importing From Xon/AndyB's Bookmarks

Note: the importer is currently in a beta state so some errors may happen. Because of this, we do recommend performing a full backup of your database before running the importer.

  1. After upgrading to XenForo 2 from XenForo 1.X, you'll want to install [TH] Bookmarks
  2. Currently XenForo requires debug mode to be enabled to access the import system, so open your src/config.php and add "$config['debug'] = true;" to the end
  3. Navigate to Tools → Import data
  4. Select one of the bookmark based add-ons your wanting to import from the list
  5. Click through the steps and enter a name to use for the archive table, this isn't going to be used but it is a requirement from XenForo
  6. Caches should automatically rebuild after the import happens, and you should see your imported bookmarks on your forum.
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