2018 Recap

By Nikki Radloff  01/07/2019

Did 2018 go by fast for anyone else? We can’t believe 2019 is here already. With the new year comes our look back on the last year. But first things first: thank you to all our clients and customers for supporting us this year. ThemeHouse had its best year yet and we couldn't have done it without the amazing community behind it.

Team growth

2018, although full of improvement, was a test-filled year. We had a handful of projects that REALLY challenged us, both internally and client-side. It was very clear that this would be a year of new knowledge, confidence, and patience. We learned while difficult, we should embrace the challenges when they come because that is how we grow.

We also grew in size. Our team is now 12 strong and more in sync than ever. This past year, we have all grown in our own personal skills, as a team and as a culture.

  • Sarah has continued to grow in her roles and nows acts as our operations manager, HR director and project manager.
  • Our JavaScript developer Kyler completely crushed on all levels this year handling some of the toughest of programming challenges and is now our Chief Technology Officer.
  • Jessica, our resident Media Director, has also made 2018 a year of growth by handling so many facets of our company; photography, videography, social media management, content creation, documentation, our local brand Nova and XenForo 2 customizations.
  • Lukas joined us this past year as backend developer. Lukas was thrown a lot of curveballs with not only developing and maintaining our XenForo add-ons but also heading Topics and Xpress projects.
  • We were also happy to have Jon join our team and assist with developing and maintaining our XenForo add-ons. Jon also helped a great deal in the push to get Topics released.
  • Victoria is the latest addition to the team and we can't be more grateful for her positivity and talent at marketing and communication strategy.
UI.X Pro and Topics

We were incredibly excited and relieved to see the launch of UI.X Pro and Topics. It has been a long trek to get here with hundreds of hours dedicated to development, design, testing and multiple iterations. We designed it to be the ideal forum experience and have been truly grateful for the positive feedback. For 2019, we're looking to continue listening to the community and improving UI.X Pro.

What 2018 looked like visually

We were able to be part of some amazing projects — from big board forum designs to building an esport platform. Here’s a quick look at what we’ve been doing for the past year.

What's coming in 2019

Whether it’s releasing new products, updating existing ones, or creating new and exciting projects, we're always striving to keep improving and growing. That's why we’ve already started looking at what we'd like to accomplish in 2019.

  • Continue to grow our team and expand our services.
  • Push our boundaries and discover ways we can be involved in our local community.
  • Continue to inspire and support our online community.
  • Release one new XenForo theme per month.
  • Design, develop, and perfect the Audentio brand and website.
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