Coming soon: Our new Install and Upgrade add-on for XenForo 2

By Mike Creuzer  09/28/2018

Due to the ever expanding list of add-ons and themes on not only but also XenForo and other third-party developer sites, it was time to build a single way to keep them organized on your forum.

We were making updates and there wasn't a stateful way for you the admin to know if you were on the latest version. It was also a bit tedious to manually upload files for a bunch of products. We had inherited one for XenForo 1, but never had the time to write one for XenForo 2. Well, finally, we made the time. Lukas took a few weeks out and built the new Install and Upgrade add-on for XenForo 2, a free add-on we hope to release next week.

  • Install and upgrade themes, add-ons, and languages
  • Install and upgrade from URL
  • Install and upgrade from .zip
  • Auto check for updates
  • Supports official products
  • Supports resource manager
  • Third-party developers can build support for their products and this system
  • Will work with any third party XenForo 2 resource manager
  • And much more

No data is sent to ThemeHouse or is tracked on what you install.

Moving forward

We hope other developers will consider contributing to this project as well. And we'll look to the community for suggestions on what else to add. The product will be thoroughly maintained.

All of our XenForo 2 products will now ask you to download this add-on to install products as it will make everyone's life easier. If you need the add-on or theme files directly, you will still be able to find them where they always have been in the changelog.

If you wish to follow updates on what has been done, bugs we found, issues we fixed or added, and more, feel free to find us on out GitHub, and here is a link to our Install and Upgrade project.

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