Coming Soon: UI.X Pro

By Jessica Peterson  05/30/2018
Coming Soon: UI.X Pro

We are thrilled to announce that we will soon be releasing UI.X Pro, a more opinionated take on our flagship product. UI.X Pro is the ideal forum experience for forums looking to increase revenue, increase community interaction, and offer high-quality user experience. We offer a suite of products and functionality with the added benefit of proper installation and configuration by an expert, so you don't have to.

Simply put, the ideology behind UI.X Pro is that there is an ideal way to have your forum setup to promote growth and member interaction. And after years of dealing with thousands of forums, and even more members of those forums, we've learned quite a bit about what makes a forum work well. We acknowledge that offering every bell and whistle, modification, customization, etc. may not always be the best way to build a community. UI.X Pro is a slim suite of tools and tried and true methods that are built to provide the best forum experience possible.

We reference Google, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, and many giants in the social platform industry to make a lot of the tough decisions for us. We use their extremely accurate methods, pair it with what we know forum owners and users need, and we are left with UI.X Pro.

Some of the features:

  • Topics: Allow users to label threads using a new idea called topics. Topics are the same thing as a forum node, but where you can assign multiple threads to multiple end-points, which we call Topics. Organize your community’s content through multi-colored labels and improve content discovery. Instead of forcing a thread to live in one place, it can be discovered in many places.
  • Covers: Allow cover images to be set at various locations throughout your forum. Users can select images from their computer or by URL and presets configured by the administrator, for their profile pages, threads, resources, and more. Users can upload an image from their computer, or choose to use a preset. This add-on also supports resources.
  • Reactions: Allow users to do more than just "like" by reacting to posts in your community that you set up. Sad, love, cheers, truth, custom emojis, custom icons, you name it. Choose between various reaction types and customize their use.
  • Bookmarks: Allow users to bookmark posts, threads, nodes, and resources in your forum. Bookmarks are saved for users go back and view later. Community members can view user profiles and view the posts, threads and resources that your users bookmarked. Bookmarks also supports bookmarking forums and media items.
  • Image Optimizer: This product helps you to optimize any image that you upload to your forum. Optimizing your photos is important to keep your site from running slow - we use currently but hope to add more optimization algorithms soon.
  • Nodes: Add dimension, quality, and allure to the display of your forum list, and stand out from your competition. This product lets you modify the grid, sizing, background colors, icons, and more for each node with added tools to for inheritance and edge case scenarios.
  • Post Comments: Like Reddit and Facebook, keep your post replies inline as to keep the discussion relative and easy to follow. XenForo by default uses a flat model where you use BB code quotes to follow a discussion, but this uni-dimensional approach is not used by the top social media platforms and forums. Admins can configure it to a nesting depth of 4, that means you can comment on comments on comments on posts!
  • Trending: Showcase your most active and relevant threads so that your users do not go far to find what they need. This will increase user engagement and allow members to no longer need to peruse thread lists and forum lists to find content they want to engage in.

Additionally, the purchase of UI.X Pro includes unique customization specific to your forum. UI.X Pro will be available for $195 with a release date slated for end of June.

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