Local iPad Pro Scratch Off Promotion

By Jessica Peterson  04/03/2019

This March, we had the opportunity to be a sponsor for the Rockford Network of Professional Women’s Leadership Development Workshop. Formed in 1981, Rockford Network of Professional Women is a group of women that provide support to women in civic, professional, and personal pursuits in the greater Rockford area. This year’s workshop included speaker Susan Young, author of The Positive Impact and Release the Power of R3.

The Challenge

Part of our sponsorship included the ability to place a bag within the tote provided to all attendees at the workshop. With less than two weeks away from the event, we were pressed for time and found it difficult to find worthwhile merchandise that stood up to our brand’s image. We cycled through high quality water bottles, various knick knacks and office supplies, and even considered not putting in an item at all if we could not find something that “felt” like our team.

The Solution

While scratching our heads over ideas from vendors, we decided to come up with something all our own. Brainstorming lead to an interactive print piece that was affordable, time-friendly, and screamed Audentio - a scratch off ticket for a high-end item.

Nikki, our creative director, put together a beautiful design that matched our current branding and Sarah, operations manager, sourced peel and stick scratch offs to individually place on each ticket.

When coming up with a prize for the winner, we were focused on providing a tech friendly item that was designed for business - something these women could bring back to their team. While an Apple Watch and Remarkable Tablet were both in the running, we all eventually settled on a fully decked out iPad Pro. Like most scratch offs, we wanted people to stay invested. We decided on an “everyone is a winner approach” and additionally put in an offer for free annual hosting through Sproutbox.

While our sponsorship originally did not include a speaking opportunity, the excitement around our prize allowed the event to give us a moment of their time to have guests scratch off their tickets and talk a bit about our company. Jessica over at Anderson Automotive won the grand prize.

There’s additional excitement that comes from a creative solution in a situation where teams pressed for time might have used a copy and paste approach. Using print media in an interactive way allowed us to create the excitement around our involvement we were hoping to achieve while remaining budget and time conscious.

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