Roundup: This month in pictures 8/18

By Nikki Radloff  09/04/2018

The past couple of months has been perhaps the busiest time for us so far. With several client projects and a development sprint that resulted in thousands of lines of code and multiple late nights, we've had our hands full. Unfortunately a majority of our time has been spent on a project that we can't discuss in-depth quite yet so this month's recap will be on the lighter side. Though next month should be an exciting time for us as two large projects are being pushed live!

Desert Rose

Desert Rose is a non-profit group of multi-genre writers affiliated with Romance Writers of America® and based in Arizona. We were approached by the client to modernize their current brand and outline the brand update in a 6-page styleguide. We vectored their signature rose brandmark, suggested new typography and revised their current color palette.

XenForo 2 Customizations

As more boards have made the move to XF 2.0, we've had a few customizations that we haven't shared yet and more to see next time as they go live.

  • DeeperBlue is one of the largest communities (seen top left) dedicated to freediving, scuba diving and spearfishing. We helped DeeperBlue upgrade from XF 1.x to 2.0 and customized our theme UI.X 2 to be reminiscent of their original design.
  • PackedWithFunForum wanted to establish themselves on XenForo 2 with a clean and family-friendly design for their travel enthusiasts community (seen top right). The community specializes in offering advice for Disneyland vacations and our team customized their welcome block into an unique gallery experience.
  • Nascent is a semi-hardcore raiding guild in World of Warcraft comprised of former top world players. We've done a few projects for the WoW guild in the past such as branding, jersey design, videography and forum design. We're back again updating the forum to XF 2.0 with a few new pages.
Our team is growing

We've been lucky enough to find some great new talent and are bringing a couple members on board with us. They'll be bringing both frontend and backend development knowledge as well as some marketing expertise. We're hoping these additions will free up our development schedule and allow for more custom XenForo projects and pushing UI.X Pro out.

Everything Else...

We've also been working on several projects that we can't speak about in detail yet but can post some sneak peeks :)

We have a lot to share on a monthly basis so make sure to follow our Facebook page and keep an eye out on XenForo threads. Until the next recap!

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