Team Spotlight: Jessica

By Mike Creuzer  08/15/2018
Who are you, what do you do at Audentio, and what are you doing with your life?

I'm Jessica, media director at Audentio. I create technical content, videos, and other materials to help users get to know our products a bit better. I also jump in to help with various projects for a handful of brands and companies we're lucky enough to work with.

Why is it that you still work at Audentio, is it the free La Croix?

Some days it's the La Croix, other days it's Jake's daily reddit links... most days it's the excitement of a super diverse workload. I almost never work on the same type of project twice. Working on new projects that allows me to constantly learn and grow. There's not a single dose of monotony in my work load.

Explain your average day to our millions of viewers

My day traditionally starts with iced coffee and responding to tickets. Somedays, I'll work on internal materials such as documentation, videos, and blog posts. Other days, I'll be working on client projects like XenForo customizations, WordPress websites, and social media campaigns. One week never looks like the next.

You wear a lot of hats here at our company, and we thank you for it. Is there a favorite role you have?

I like to refer to myself as a swiss army knife - capable of assisting wherever is needed. My favorite hat is a patched together version of all my hats, allowing me to assist my awesome team in creating awesome things.

"I wear many hats, but the one I'm wearing currently is that of gracious host." - Dwight Schrute
If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?

There's an elephant nature park in Chiang Mai that rescues and rehabilitates elephants. I'd also visit Disney World every day of my life if that was an option. You can never have too many dole whips.

If you could save a certain number of dogs, how many? 1, 4, 82, Shannon's number?

All of the dogs throughout every known universe.

Plans for the future?
I'm looking forward to finishing school, rescuing a few more dogs, finding the infinity stones, and continuing to work with a wonderful team creating amazing products.

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