Annual plans, support for XenForo 2 products, and more in latest website update

By Mike Creuzer  09/07/2017

Hey all, a few days ago we launched an update to We've since tested everything we could find to make sure everything is stable and are ready to mention some of the cool new features.

Theme Demo Viewer

In the previous site, we sent you direct to the demo without a great way of navigating theme by theme. This update adds a beautiful interface for browsing all themes one after the other. It gives you options to pick another theme, test mobile, tablet, and desktop responsiveness, and add to cart without taking you away from your browsing experience. Try it out here!

Annual Plans

Many people preferred handling billing to be done annually for our subscriptions, so we went ahead and added that as an option now. For example, you view XenForo upgrade plans here, just simply toggle between monthly and annual. If you hold an existing subscription and would like to switch to annual, please create a ticket and we'll manually convert you over. Oh, and the savings is around 33% on average!

Support for XenForo 2

Seems like a trivial thing, but we wanted to make sure we created pages to distinguish between XenForo 1 and XenForo 2 throughout the site. This will help make sure you do not accidentally purchase a XenForo 1 product when you intended to purchase a XenForo 2 product. We also have a filter tool on your subscriptions page and orders page for those that have a lot of products, you can find them much easier now. This was a heavily requested feature.

New Packages

A lot of people wanted us to simplify the process of ordering a custom theme. Since projects can be quite small or even be many many months of work, we historically would do every quote custom. With the update though, we are trying 3 new "getting started" packages, that scale up depending on what you are trying to accomplish. While some projects such as custom functionality with add-ons or more advanced custom designs may not be included, these packages aim to resolve around 80% of the projects that we receive. Mostly for smaller, newer board.

Our blog supports comments

We added a Disqus widget so you can interact with our blog. We aim to offer more informative posts with XenForo 2 looming to help people ease into the transition of an upgrade, and much more as well.

Reporting bugs and requesting features

Since threads at other support sites can be quite daunting for us to manage effectively, we now have a public place where all bugs, features, enhancements, and comments for individual tasks on projects can be viewed. For XenForo, you can view the link to view and share information such as reporting bugs or asking for new features, right here!

General improvements

Over 700 issues either our team found or were reported to us were found, essentially all bugs and hundreds of features. We have an improved mobile experience, you can view the site when offline, its more performant by reducing JavaScript bundles, and so much more. If you do find any issues please do report them to us, we appreciate any help we can get! Thanks again for all who reported issues. We aim to have a dozen products for XenForo 2 within the next few weeks, and UI.X 2 is right around the corner as well!

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