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By Mike Creuzer  04/05/2018

Audentio has always strived to provide the best support we can. We have stood by our products for the last ten years, and are always looking for ways to improve. A few changes were made earlier in the year and we just want to elaborate on them for a bit.

Organization of issues

We have a properly organized issue tracker on Github for all product issues such as bugs, questions, or suggestions. At any time, you are welcome to create your own issues, comment, track, confirm, and more. If you post the issue on our forum or any other communication channel, we'll be putting these here ourselves. If you create it yourself, you can opt for email alerts or Github notifications.

We trimmed communication channels

There are a lot of ways to get in touch with us: social media, forum threads and mentions, live chat, email, phone, owl, private message, and a lot more. That multiplies by each team member we have. People were concerned we were missing messages, so we decided to streamline a few things.

  1. If you need specific support, such as a bug, require custom work, or anything that essentially is not a suggestion, we direct you to kindly create a ticket
  2. Live chat, phone, Skype, etc. will not be used for support, unless you have a special case or premium support license with us
  3. We closed the forums, as that was one channel we can control, and are redirecting everyone to tickets
  4. Forum threads are best used for suggestions, sharing information and ideas, helping others, and more. Official support will be limited and not guaranteed

If you are directed by a team member to create a ticket in a forum or private message, we want you to know we will 100% be committed to helping with that issue. Our goal is to funnel all issues to one place so we do not miss anything. Our new process has helped us dramatically over the last few months and we have seen a huge improvement in positive feedback. This really was a simple organization concern, we've always been committed, it really comes down to spreading ourselves too thin. We recognize that the best thing we can do for our customers and our team is to make everything more efficient; and that’s what we’ve done here.

Moving forward, we plan to continute to take all feedback seriously and always concern ourselves with how to better offer quality assistance to our customers. We have an open door policy on suggestions and feedback; always have and always will. If you have any questions please do get in touch!

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