Team Spotlight: Ian

By Jessica Peterson  03/07/2018
Meet Ian, Frontend Developer at Audentio

Ian has been with our team for 3 years. Ian oversees product launches, keeps our XenForo products up to date, and is our lead HMTL/CSS developer.

What is you role at Audentio?

I work as the lead developer on our XenForo themes, developing the UI.X Framework, and oversee all of our XenForo client projects, developing most of them, and managing the rest. Outside of XenForo, I develop WordPress themes, custom web projects, native applications for mobile development, and other miscellaneous user interface projects.

What’s your favorite part of the job?

The industry in general is very forward-thinking, and constantly improving in the work environment, which allows me to enjoy such pleasures as:

  1. Having creative freedom to explore avenues that interest me the most
  2. Being empowered and entrusted to lead projects as I see fit
  3. Work in a casual environment that allows for healthy social interaction with my co-workers
  4. And last, but likely the best, the chess, ping-pong, and video game sessions to break up the work day :)
What do you think is good about working in the computer science field in general?

There are two things that I think we will always be able to count on needing.

  1. People will always get hurt, and so we will always need medical professionals
  2. We will always continue to advance technologically

As we innovate and grow as a society, we will continue to replace manual functions and jobs with technology. Working in the computer science industry means being at the front of the continuous scientific growth and development, which will only continue to become more and more important as technology evolves.

How long have you worked in the field?

I have been in this industry for 3 years. One of the things that I love about this industry is the lack of pressure and requirement on a formal education. Computer science I believe is one of the first industries to recognize that there are other ways to gain a valuable education, and to embrace the workforce simply for its ability to do the work, as opposed to simply having knowledge of the work required of the job title. It is for this reason that I can proudly say that Audentio has been my only job in the field, and that everything I have learned, I have either learned on my own, or directly from the opportunities that my employment has offered me.

What are your favorite hobbies/interests outside of work?

There are three things that I am an incredible geek for:

  1. The Oakland Raiders football team
  2. Fantasy story-telling, whether it is from books, movies, video games, or other media outlets
  3. Discovering and writing music. I have been writing music casually for slightly over 10 years now, and it has probably been my most significant hobby to date.
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